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If less is more for certain fashion styles, then you can definitely count micro bikinis as right up there with the best.  Of course, they are an advancement from the original bikini.    Needless to say, it was not a lack of material that served as its inspiration but the advantages of having as little coverage as possible for sun tanning (and other) purposes.

Just as the name suggests, micro g-string bikinis consist of two parts - the top and the bottom. Each are made of tiny triangles of material designed to cover just the bare essentials - with strings to keep everything together. It is classy, bold and hot, no doubt about it.

You may want to wear these sexy bikinis frequently on the beaches, at the pool, as well as on the boardwalk. Nevertheless, you'll want to think about several points before you grab one and hit the beaches or heat things up at the upcoming swimming bash.

First, you need to be really confident about your body. Sure, it may not be absolutely perfect, yet if you're able to wear micro bikinis with confidence, then go right ahead. Just be willing to expose even more skin as compared to a typical bikini. Keep in mind that the attention you will get is in direct proportion to how much coverage your swimwear doesn't provide - the less coverage, the far more attention.


Here is a sneak preview of some our hot bikinis!

Second, you would like to have the almost-perfect suntan. What this means is hardly any tan lines but without going all the way to your birthday suit. You can even unravel the strings on your bikini top so your shoulders will be free of tan lines.

Micro bikinis are for girls who really enjoy the attention and who love their tans. Now, if you have the daring, assurance and attitude to strut your bikini body like the beach was your stage and runway rolled into one then you are ready to go. Quit being timid and get out there and have the time of your life!  See you poolside!


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